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Free Stock Images

Nowadays the site content is more precious than ever. Each one of us is striving to bring unique content to our clients, readers, users, etc. With life getting hectic, people often prefer not to read, but just to browse through some images and possibly find what they are looking for. This is the reason why you need to have on your site not only great text content, but beautiful imagery.

There are plenty of stock photos sites offering great images on low prices, high prices or just for free. Today we will review 5 of the best free image web sites (these are my personal favorites) - let's do this :)

1. Pixabay

We won't keep the best for last, so here it is - Pixabay is the biggest free images site in this list with an enormous collection of videos, illustrations, vector graphics and...wait for it...images! Thousands of images and they are all released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain. This means that you can copy, modify, distribute, and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission and without paying attribution.

Every developer, designer or blogger need an awesome image from time to time to spice up a project, or just to add the trending hero image on a site (yes, hero images are here to stay). Pixabay is one of the best places to find the image you are looking for. If you have any doubts run a search there or simply check the editor's choices here.

2. StockSnap

You can find one of the most powerful and beautiful free images on the web, just browsing in StockSnap. As the StockSnap team says - this site is a "bad ass repository of beautiful stock photography". What is more important, is that you can get hundreds of high quality images with "soul". Images that may turn your project into a beautiful artwork and grab the attention you wanted. Let me give you some examples:

StockSnap also release all images under the Creative Commons CC0

3. Unsplash

What can I say about Unsplash...I simply love it! The quality of the images, the colors, the compositions, they are all perfect. Recently they've introduced a search, which was a great step forward and handy tool when one needs to narrow the results. Unsplash is another site using the Creative Commons CC0 license.

Be sure to check Unsplash every 10 days, because they release 10 photos every 10 days and they are just stunning.

4. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is a project by the talented Viktor Hanacek, which offers another amazing collection of free stock images. All images are completely free and undeniably beautiful...I guess I'm using "beautiful" everywhere, but I just can't help it - so much awesome photos!

Picjumbo also offers a cool little tool that can make your work a little less complicated. This is the Picjumbo Photoshop plugin. The plugin is paid, but for the small price it costs, you can have one small world on the tip of your mouse cursor :)

5. FancyCrave

FancyCrave is another awesome site for free photos brought to us by Igor Ovsyannykov. The images are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 as well, so you can use them freely.

Two really cool things about FancyCrave worth mentioning:

  • You can download complete photo packs, with carefully selected images. Of course these packs can be downloaded for free, but you have the option to support the authors by naming a price.
  • The "people" category - in my opinion one of the best categories with images of people or everyday's life. Check it and decide for yourself.

Remember that they have new images added every day :)


Last, but not least is JÉSHOOTS. A smaller, but very cool project delivered by Jan Vašek. Almost all images are free and released under Creative Commons CC0. Check it and hopefully you will find the right image for your next project :)

In conclusion...there are a lot of beautiful, amazing and awesome free stock images that you need to browse on those 5 sites. I would suggest to first download one of our templates, install the quickstart and start replacing the sample images with the great ones that you will find on the above 5 best free image web sites.

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