All these particles and atoms work out-of-the-box with any Gantry 5 theme on Joomla, Wordpress and Grav.
Particles that include Joomla, Wordpress or Grav in their name fetch platform content automatically instead of the user having to create it manually.

Circle Progress

Collapsible Section

Video Background

Top News (Grav)

News PRO (Grav)

Accordion (Grav)

Content PRO (Grav)

Slideshow (Grav)


Top News (WordPress)

News PRO (WordPress)

Accordion (WordPress)

Content PRO (WordPress)

Slideshow (WordPress)

Page Preloader

Single Project

PayPal Donate

Top News (Joomla)

News PRO (Joomla)

Cookie Consent

Logo (Advanced)

Accordion (Joomla)

Content PRO (Joomla)

Slideshow (Joomla)

Image Features

Header Search

Get in Touch

Gallery Feature


UIkit for Gantry5

Fixed Header

Video Feature

Animated Counter

Pricing Tables

Main Feature

Modal Search

Offcanvas Toggle

OnePage Menu

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