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Norman - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

Hey guys, meet Norman Van Zee. He is not our newest team member, but our August template :)

Norman is a CV, Portfolio and Freelancer Joomla template with responsive, modern and clean design. We have chosen flat colors with bold variations, as well as square and round element combinations among the design. The handsome Norman comes with 6 presets, which can be seen below and on the demo page:

Norman is built with mind for all designers, developers, coders, bloggers, etc, people who need or want to present themselves in the Web with a CV/Personal type of website. Specially for this template we have created all the necessary features that you might need to build your personal site. The design is clean and colorful and with all Gantry 5 options that you have at your disposal you can customize absolutely anything. Norman comes with the UIkit for Gantry5 atom, which gives you all the power of the UIkit framework.

Let's check all the new particles that we created for Norman:

  1. Timeline - the "Timeline" particle displays items in a row, where you can add as many items as you like. The particle is perfect to present a sequence of events or dates, per example education background or work experience.
  2. Skill Bars - the name says almost everything, but still with this particle you can create unlimited skill bars. Each of the bars can be any color you like, you just need to choose one with the color picker. The particle comes with 4 different styles with nice designs.
  3. Process - this particle is a one column particle, which displays one's workflow in a series of items. Every process item can be displayed with an icon, image, title and text content.
  4. Zoom - The "Zoom" particle has the features of the "Main Feature" particle, but the image section has a magnifying glass over the image. The only thing important when using the "Zoom" particle is to use at least 2x bigger image, in order for the effect to work.
  5. OnePage Nav - probably one of the most interesting particles is the "OnePage Nav" particle, which works as one-page navigation, fixed on the left side of the screen. You can choose to present the link to your sections either with simple dots or with icons. You can use any icon you like, you just need to choose it.

Of course, additionally we have styled other particles to match the template's design and needs. The best way to check all features is to open the demo and browse through it. Have fun, we hope you will like it :)

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