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Headlines - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

Yes! It is released, finally! Guys, we are really happy to present you our September's template... meet Headlines - a modern, clean and perfectly coded News/Magazine/Blog template for Joomla :)

I've always been a fan of the internet blogs and the online magazines and I've spent a lot of time in studing those types of websites - their pros and cons, their features, their designs and the UX they offer. So, for quite some time I was thinking about developing such template and, if I have to be honest, I'm very happy with the end result! While working on Headlines we developed some really awesome and very advanced particles and we also added some very cool features to few of our existing particles. Just keep reading and you'll learn more about those below. And as usual, Headlines comes with 6 beautiful presets!

Of course, these are just presets, a starting point for your project. You can customize absolutely everything to your liking. You can change the background image, the colors, the section styles, the particle settings, you can change eveything! You can even set the template to be "Fullwidth" :)

And now, back to the "Particles" topic! Here's a list of the most noticeable things we did while working on Headlines (I'll keep the best for the end):

  1. We implemented the feature to select single articles in all of our Joomla particles and we contributed this feature to the Gantry 5 project that we love so much!
  2. Search/Login particle - we developed this particle specifically for Headlines. It combines the functionality of several other particles - a Login module, the "Header Search" particle and the "Offcanvas Toggle" particle.
  3. Top News (Joomla) particle - yeah, I like this one a lot! The "Top News (Joomla)" particle allows you to show your Joomla articles in a very eye-catching way. It has many different options which give you the chance to achieve the exact layout you want. This is a must have particle for any News/Magazin/Blog website!
  4. News PRO (Joomla) particle - here we go! My favorite particle! We spent quite some time in designing and developing the "News PRO (Joomla)" particle but at the end it is really a piece of art (at least for me). In my opinion this is the particle that the Gantry 5 community was missing until now. It is an incredibly powerful particle that allows you to fetch Joomla articles automatically and display them however you like. How cool is that, a? :)

While we are on the "Top News (Joomla)" and "News PRO (Joomla)" particles, I'd like to remind you that those (together with our existing "Joomla" particles) will have their Wordpress versions in the very near future. So keep an eye on our awesome Particle Marketplace and you can expect to see particles like "Top News (Wordpress)", "News PRO (Wordpress)", "Content PRO (Wordpress), "Slideshow (Wordpress)" and so on and so on :)

Well, that's it for now guys. Check the Headlines demo, play with it and have fun! We hope you will like it :)

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