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Sanctum - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

Hi Gantry 5 fans! It's time for our October template and we present to you Sanctum!

Sanctum is a dedicated Church Joomla template built on the powerful Gantry 5 framework. With that in mind, we have made the design clean and professional. The colors are soft, except for the main color theme, which brings a dose of passion. As all our Gantry 5 templates, Sanctum comes with 6 preset color variations and variety of features and everything is fully customizable.

The main concept of the template is to be used for Church, Non-Profit and Charity organizations. We have built special particles that provide all the needed features for such websites. There are 2 custom particles with great amount of options:

  1. PayPal Donate particle - a simple way to display a button which the visitors can make PayPal donations with. The particle handles the whole process, you only need to add your PayPal email and the cause for which the donations will be made. You can choose the currency as well.
  2. Media Box particle - this particle displays items with title, image, description, author/custom text and 5 customizable buttons. The buttons can play audio files, embed video files, can be used for downloadable files or PDF documents. "Media Box" particle is a perfect solution for displaying different media files across web sites.

We are fully aware that many of you won't be building a church template in the near future, so we have designed the layout to be suitable for almost all types of websites. Depending on the project, Sanctum can be a perfect match for small or large businesses , corporate or industrial web sites.

Enough of this review, it's time for you to get to know Sanctum and play with its features :)

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