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Most companies publish their "Year in Review" announcements in December but since InspireTheme's official birthday is on 11th of January we decided to postpone it a little bit. That's what we will do every year - we will publish our "Year in Review" announcement on 11th of January :)

Yes guys, InspireTheme turns one! It is a very exciting and special moment for us and we have to say that we had an extraordinary year!

We haven't even dreamt for such a successful year and we could not be happier of what we achieved and where InspireTheme is at the moment! We developed quite some products, we established the company as a solid player in the Joomla and Gantry 5 communities and our user base grew several times faster than what we expected!

So, let's go in a bit more details and see some of the most remarkable things InspireTheme did in its first year...

  • We released 12 Joomla templates!
  • We developed 54 Gantry 5 particles!
  • We lauched the first ever (and still the only one) Particle Marketplace for Gantry 5! Our FREE particles were downloaded more than 29000 times in total!
  • We were an official sponsor of JoomlaDay Chicago 2016 (unfortunately it was cancelled).
  • We were an official sponsor of JoomlaDay Poland 2016.
  • We were an official sponsor of Joomla World Conference 2016.

The above is just a small part of the things we did. There were much more things that happened behind the scene!

All that being said, it's time to move forward as 2016 is now in the past. We had to take some important decisions and now we want to make some announcements!

Taking the Helix 3 templates down

Since April 2016, the main focus of our company is Gantry 5 development. We design and develop products for the Gantry 5 framework only and we do our best to popularize and move the Gantry 5 project forward! We became a big name and a known provider in the Gantry 5 community and this is exactly what we want our brand to be associated with - the amazing Gantry 5 framework!
That's why it doesn't make much sense to provide products built on another framework. Also, in order to provide a consistent experience for our users, we have to remove everything that's not Gantry 5 related.

On 1st of February we will take all Helix 3 templates down. Those are "Calimera", "Hammer", "Elemento" and "Monday". Go ahead and download a copy now so you have them if needed in the future.

You have an existing website built on those templates? Fear not, we got you covered. We are taking the Helix 3 templates down but we will keep their categories in the forum and we will still provide support for them if/when needed. It is just that we do not want to have new customers using them for their websites.

Changing the release cycle

Until now, we had a fixed release cycle - a new template every month. We wanted to release as many new templates as possible so we can actually develop the particles that provide most of the common functionality and features a website would need.

Now, when we have most of the common functionality and features covered by our particles, we want to take our templates to a new level! During the year you will start seeing more advanced products (both templates and particles) being released. And in order to achive that we need to switch from a "monthly release" to a "bi-monthly release" cycle. From now on, we will release a new template every second month.

For us it's always been quality over quantity! And I can assure you that it will always be like that - if you ask me again after 5 years, no matter what the times are, no matter what the circumstances are, I will always tell you the same - InspireTheme is all about quality, not quantity!

That being said, you can expect our next template to be released in February :)

WordPress Themes and... :)

Yes, we are starting to convert our current designs to WordPress! While it might not be of an interest to our Joomla users, there are a lot of people waiting for our designs to be made available for WordPress as well.

At some point in the Summer you will notice a new section on our website - "WordPress Themes" :)

And here I want to announce something big - we have a new team member! Most of you know him very well already, from the Gitter chat!
Guys, we are really happy to announce that Adrian Ionescu (aka adi8i) is now part of InspireTheme! The show is just beginning :)

Celebrating InspireTheme's birthday with a 25% discount

Our company exists, develops, takes shape and moves forward because of you, our awesome community! None of this would have been possible without you guys! We know it very well and we try to show our appreciation every single day in the forums, in our products and wherever possible! THANK YOU for being part of InspireTheme!

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Have in mind that the above promo code will be valid for one week only, until 18th of January :)

Special thanks to... RocketTheme

We are a contributor to the Gantry 5 project on Github and we do our best to popularize and move the Gantry 5 project forward. But the core team behind the project are the guys from RocketTheme! We would like to take the chance and show our appreciation and gratitude for everything they do - you guys rock, honestly! Thank you for all the hard work you put in the project and for making Gantry 5 better and better every single day!

For those of you reading this, please do take a moment and have a look at the great products RocketTheme offers! By subscribing at their website you will not only get access to great products and support but you will actually support the Gantry 5 development!

That's all for now guys. Thank you once again for being part of our community and stay tuned for all the cool stuff that we have prepared for 2017 :)

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