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Gantry 5 Particles for Grav CMS

Last week we were hard at work in order to bring our platform-specific particles to Grav CMS. By "platform-specific" we mean the particles that fetch platform content automatically. And to be more precise, the particles in question are Top News, News PRO, Accordion, Content PRO and Slideshow.

For those of you who don't already know, Grav is a pretty cool, simple and flexible file-based CMS developed by the same team (Rockettheme) that develops the Gantry 5 framework. If you have haven't tried it yet be sure to give it a try!

So, now we have all our particles working out-of-the-box with any Gantry 5 theme on all platforms supported by the framework - Joomla, WordPress and Grav CMS! And in our opinion this is the best thing in Gantry 5 - that you can start your project with the theme you like and then just add the functionality you need by installing a particle!

That being said, there is still an important thing that needs to be made - the Particle Packaging to be implemented in the framework. This will allow the users to easily install the particles from the Gantry 5 Admin by simply uploading a ZIP file. And in our opinion this will bring the Gantry 5 project to a completely new level and will increase its usage greatly because many 3rd party developers will start developing particles which will create an eco-system around the framework!

Anyway, Gantry 5 is the best framework, the best by far. And it will only get better and better!
So, star the project on Github, join the Gantry 5 chatroom on Gitter and stay tuned :)

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