InspireTheme sponsoring Joomla World Conference 2017

As you guys know, our business is based mostly on Joomla and the Gantry 5 framework (which also works on WordPress and Grav CMS). Basically, our company exists because we have all these awesome platforms so we, as web developers, can create some cool things that ease your work and allow you to do some pretty nice things.

Joomla, Grav CMS and the Gantry 5 framework are all open source projects which are available for free and which are developed and maintained by their communities - volunteers, who put their time and knowledge in those projects without receiving any financial benefit in return!

So basically, our business is possible because we use products developed by other people.

We are sincerely grateful for the chance this volunteers and companies give us so we can do what we love, but we know that just saying "Thank you" is not enough. Every company and every project needs financial stability in order to operate and to evolve further!
Therefore we do our best to contribute and sponsor those projects however and whenever we can.

As some of you might remember, last year we sponsored "JoomlaDay Poland 2016" and "Joomla World Conference 2016".
Well, we are doing the same again! Ealier this year, in September, we sponsored "JoomlaDay Poland 2017".
And now we are also sponsoring "Joomla World Conference 2017" which is going to be held in Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center, Rome, Italy, on 17-19 November, 2017 :)

A little known fact is that, since February 2017, we are also a proud backer of the Grav CMS on OpenCollective!

Now, back to "Joomla World Conference 2017". All of you guys, who attend this event in Rome, will receive a 50% discount voucher for all our plans :)

We are very excited for everything that will happen at "Joomla World Conference 2017" and can't wait for the talks about Joomla 4 and the CMS as a whole! Do your best to attend this event. It will really be awesome!

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