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InspireTheme turns two!

Yes guys, InspireTheme turns 2! It is a very special and exciting moment for all of us :)

2017 was kind of "different" year where we focused on preparing InspireTheme for the future. It was more like a preparation period for us to jump into something bigger!
So here are just few of the things that we did:

We are very excited and we think that we are very well prepared for the great future that's ahead of us and ahead of the Joomla project! You might also want to have a look at the 2018, A Year Full of Promise article in the official Joomla Magazine :)

Celebrating InspireTheme's birthday with a 25% discount

Our company exists, develops, takes shape and moves forward because of you, our awesome community! None of this would have been possible without you guys! We know it very well and we try to show our appreciation every single day in the forums, in our products and wherever possible! THANK YOU for being part of InspireTheme!

We have a 25% discount offer for all of you who want to join our community and for those of you who want to renew their subscriptions. For a very first time, you can now combine your "Loyalty Discount" with this one and renew your existing/active subscription at almost half price! Just add the following promo code on the Checkout page and the price will be adjusted accordingly:


Have in mind that the above promo code will be valid for one week only, until 18th of January :)

That's all for now guys. Thank you once again for being part of our community and stay tuned for all the cool stuff that will come in 2018!

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