Beauty - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

Hey guys, we just released our new template! We are very happy to present to you Beauty - a modern, clean and perfectly coded Gantry 5 theme for Joomla!

Beauty was designed with the beauty and SPA studios in mind but it fits perfectly in any business, corporate and portfolio website. Our goal was to develop a modern and trendy product which is super flexible and gives you all the features you might need to build an awesome website!

You should have already noticed how we treat the templates and what our idea is. We strongly believe that everything should be modular, everything should be consistent and reusable in all Gantry 5 templates!
For us the template is like a canvas. A canvas that you can fill up with particles and configure exactly as you want.
In our opinion, the "Header" and the "Footer" are the most important parts of any website (they are visible and are the same on all pages). Therefore we try to provide different designs for those sections in most of our templates.

Basically, that's how you should choose which template to use for your project - choose the "Header" and the "Footer" design that you like the most. Then you can install any/all of our particles, configure them as you want and that's all!

As all our templates, Beauty comes with 6 preset color variations and a wide variety of features and custom particles.

Of course, these are just presets, a starting point for your project. You can customize absolutely everything to your liking. You can change the colors, the section styles, the particle settings, you can change eveything!

And now, here's a list of the new particles that we developed while working on Beauty:

  1. Circle Progress particle - allows you to create animted circled progress bars in a very cool and eye-catching way!
  2. Hotspots particle - provides a very cool functionality where you upload an image and add hotspots/places which work like tabs.
  3. Price Lists particle - allows you to create very flexible price lists.
  4. Collapsible Section atom - allows you to easily make any of the template sections to behave like an accordion.

That's all for now guys. Check Beauty demo, play with it and have fun :)

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