Joomla 4 Compatibility

Happy New Year to the whole InspireTheme community!

After few months of hard work, we are very happy to announce that our products are now Joomla 4 compatible! All our particles are now Joomla 4 compatible and 11 (out of 18) of our templates are also Joomla 4 compatible. The rest of the templates will receive their Joomla 4 compatibility until the end of January or the very beginning of February.

UPDATE: As of 23rd of January, all our templates are Joomla 4 compatible!

We are also very happy that we found a way to have just one template package that is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 at the same time.
Regarding the Quickstart packages - they are still on Joomla 3 and will remain on Joomla 3 for the foreseeable future. The reason is that there are many Joomla extensions that are not Joomla 4 compatible yet and therefore there are quite some people that still prefer to build a Joomla 3 website. This is perfectly understandable since Joomla 3 will be supported until 17th of August 2023.
For those of you who want to start a new Joomla 4 project and use our Quickstart packages - no problem at all! Just install the Joomla 3 Quickstart package and immediately migrate it to Joomla 4. You will find the migration instructions in the "Update" section in the template documentation. We also added a "Joomla 4 Ready" version of the Oxygen's Quickstart package which you can use as an example. "Joomla 4 Ready" means that we have uninstalled all extensions that are not (and will not be) Joomla 4 compatible and we have replaced them with the corresponding particles:

  • "Roksprocket Mosaic" replaced with the "Portfolio" particle
  • "Roksprocket Lists" replaced with the "Accordion" and/or "Accordion (Joomla)" particles
  • "Roksprocket Tabs" replaced with the "Tabs" particle
  • "RokSprocket Slideshow" replaced with the "Slideshow" particle
  • "News Show SP2" replaced with the "News PRO (Joomla)" and/or "Content PRO (Joomla)" particles

That being said, here is the list of the templates that are already Joomla 4 compatible:

  • Oxygen
  • Milano
  • Paradise
  • Royalty
  • Mighty
  • Galaxy
  • Norman
  • Headlines
  • Sanctum
  • Solo
  • Glory

Important information about the 365News and Delight templates

Since the 365News template was built entirely with extensions that will not be Joomla 4 compatible (RokSprocket, News Show SP2, etc) we decided that it does not make sense to make it Joomla 4 compatible. So, 365News is the only template that we will not support on Joomla 4. For those of you who are using it - please consider switching to our Headlines template :)

Delight is an ecommerce template based on the J2Store extension, which is not Joomla 4 compatible yet. As soon as the J2Store extension is made Joomla 4 compatible we will also update the Delight template.

That's all for now guys. Thank you for being part of our community and see you in the forums!

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