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Going Cracy ^^ Lost get a quote Form

Happy new Year ...

i hopen all is good and you are fine.

i use convertform and i dont know why but i deleted the old Modul. So i use a new one and i cant conect the Form tzo the popup button, I got only a empty space. Perhaps at Moment i have a bid woodn wall infront of my head, but i dont find any popup-modul position in the Template.

Joomla: Go to the Module Manager and make sure your Search module is published in the "header-search" position, your Login module in the "modal-login" position and your Popup Module in the "popup-module" position.

Once you enable "Offcanvas Toggle", it hides the original toggle button.

perhaps it was to much beer on the last two days .... ^^

best regards Stoerte
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