InspireTheme sponsoring JoomlaDay Florida 2018

Hey guys, the new year is here and we are starting it quite well. We took few days off so we can spend some time with our frieds and families, to recharge our batteries, and we are back more productive and motivated than ever :)

We are very happy to announce that we are continuing to support the Joomla project whenever we can - this time we are one of the main sponsors of the JoomlaDay Florida 2018 event which promises to be one of the most significant Joomla events held in the United States!

"JoomlaDay Florida 2018" will be a full three days event starting on 2nd and finishing on 4th of March and it will be held in sunny Tampa :)
Some of the most valuable Joomla volunteers and team leaders will be there this year. From the President of OSM/Joomla to team leaders and contributors to the volunteers portal, events team, community magazine, capital team, showcase directory, certification team, user groups team, marketing to JoomlaDay and JUG organizers... this year, like no other before, the Joomla team will be there!

Moreover, the organizers have a full day of sessions planned for every skill level, covering everything from site administration, front-end design, security, templating, marketing, hosting, programming, branding, volunteering and so much more. There will be even a Gantry 5 related session :)

Promotional Giveaways

As a Bronze sponsor of JoomlaDay Florida 2018, we have six coupon codes to give away for free! It means that you can attend the event for $0 :)
All you need to do in order to get the coupon code is:

  1. To have an active subscription with us.
  2. To contact us by using the form on our Contact Us page.

And last but definitely not least, all of you guys, who attend the "JoomlaDay Florida 2018" event, will receive a 50% discount voucher for all our plans :)
Do your best to attend, it promises to be a great event!

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