InspireTheme Turns Six

Hey guys, as most of you already know, 11th of January is a very special day for us! It is our birthday and today InspireTheme turns 6 :)

Every year, on this date, we publish a blog post in which we make a recap of what we have done the last 12 months. Well, this year we did the most important thing, the thing we were talking about the last couple of years... we updated our products and made them Joomla 4 compatible!

Now that we have Joomla 4 officially released and actively developed, I do believe that there is a bright future ahead of us. And I'm not talking about InpireTheme specifically, I'm talking about the Joomla industry as a whole.
You might have noticed that the last few years the Joomla industry slowed down quite a bit and some Joomla companies even went out of business. In my opinion the first half of 2021 was the bottom, and now we are witnessing the trend reversal. It is like in the financial markets - nothing can go up or down forever - at some point the trend just reverses!

What are our plans for 2022?

Well, the next thing that we would like to address is UIkit.
As you know, our products are based on UIkit v2, while the current UIkit version is v3.
And since YOOtheme announced (back in 2019) that they are working on UIkit v4, it really does not make sense to update to UIkit v3 now and then do another update to UIkit v4 in few months. Switching to another major UIkit version requires a lot of work as we need to update the code of each and every product (both particles and templates).
That's why we decided to skip UIkit v3 and wait for UIkit v4 to be released.

Celebrating InspireTheme's birthday with a 25% discount

Like every year, we have a 25% discount offer for all of you who want to join our community and for those of you who want to renew their expired subscription.
And for those of you who want to renew/extend their active subscription - you can combine your "Loyalty Discount" with this one and renew your subscription at an almost half price!
Just add the following promo code on the Checkout page and the price will be adjusted accordingly:


Have in mind that the above promo code will be valid for 2 weeks only, until 26th of January... now extended until 31st of January :)

That's all for now guys. Thank you once again for being part of our community and stay tuned!

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