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A litte help for two particles


I successfully uprgraded a website based on Oxygen Template from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4.

Everything works very fine (at the moment on a test subfolder) and I'm very happy.

Now I try to explain my question.

As suggested on documentation, I used "News PRO (Joomla)" particle instead "News Show SP2" particle and "Accordion (Joomla)" particle instead "RokSprocket" extension. And everything works very fine.

But I'd like to see the same graphical elements in Joomla 4 like Joomla 3.

So I wish to know if it's possibile to have, on "News PRO (Joomla 4)" particle (Joomla 4), only "Read more..." link without button, as in "News Show SP2" particle on Joomla 3.

And if it's possibile to have, on "Accordion (Joomla)" particle (Joomla 4), the "-" and "+" "buttons" as "RokSprocket" extension (Joomla 3).

I tried and tried, but I'm not able to find a way to have what I wish. Did I make some mistake?

This is not a big problem :) but I wish to know if I can solve, if possible, of course.

I attach two images, in order to explain better what I wish.

As usual, thank you in advance.

Inspiretheme is the best, forever!
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