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Bit Disappointed with Delight

Hello Ivo,

First of all, thank you for adding a new template after a long wait!

I do not want you to take this in a negative way but I feel a bit underwhelmed by this template. I don't think I can compete in the world of Shopify and Magento with this template. It really looks rushed and looks like all the other templates apart from the addition of J2Store. I would have liked to see a bit more polish to it, especially the "My Account" page has no styling whatsoever!

On the slider; would it be possible to have featured products instead?

I've been looking forward to a Gantry based eCommerce template but this comes up a little short. I know I can customize it but I would like something that already has a lot of the creative design already in place.

On the positive side, Ivo, you have always provided great support.

Thank you,
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