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Breaking template

Hi Guys...
I'm not sure what is causing the following issue:

I'm using the ConverForms Extention along with EngageBox from the same developer. Both of these extensions have been around for many years and I use them on different sites/templates with no problem. However, I have a few forms on different pages on Delight... but so far 2 of them have frozen fields and once you engage them (pop them up) when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.. it looks like something gets broke in the template... there are large artifacts that scroll at the bottom of the page. This only happens if you click inside of any of the fields.

I made a quick video showing you the issue.

At first, I thought this was caused by the form popup box or the form itself .. so, I reached out to the developer of the form and after investigating this issue he replied with the following suggestion:

"This issue is caused by the /media/j2store/js/jquery.fancybox.min.js script loaded by J2Store on the pages. I am not really sure who triggers the fancybox popup. It could be either J2Store or your template. My advice is to disable fancybox script if you don't use it. On how you can do that, you should ask either J2Store support or your template's developer.."

I updated the template to the latest version but that did not fix the problem. I'm hoping you guys might have an idea why this is happening.
Here are links to the pages where the form popup buttons with this issue are:



Thank you so much for looking into this...
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