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Bug in Project Particle

Hi Ivo,

I think there is a bug in the project particle. I'm using your customized project particle where I can put in real thumbs for images (which work really nicely).

However I don't want to use the "features" possibilty of the particle - but there is the link shown below the normal particle.
Display:none doesn't help since it will also blend out the link above.

Can you give me solution to get rid of the second link "weiterlesen"?

In site details there is a link to my testwebsite.

And maybe one more suggestion: if you fill in the images for the particle you always have to click through the complete folder to get to the image. Can't this be stored via AJAX or something else, so that you can jump directly to the last folder used?
I think also other particles have that "problem".

Thanks in advance,
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