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Category List View Menu Item Table Styling

Steve Vyse
Steve Vyse

I am in the process of taking a Joomla 3 version of a website using IT Galaxy to a new version running Joomla 4 with the updated version of IT Galaxy, but have lost some table styling and need help in recreating it.

The original website remains live and the correctly styled can be found here;

The incorrectly styled new table can be seen here;

This is a category list view menu item.

When running the original Joomla 3 site with Gantry set to Development I can see that styles are originating from Bootstrap Gantry CSS files such as;

So I am pretty sure the application of the striped tables comes from a relatively simple setting somewhere in Joomla/Gantry but I just cannot find it and despite comparing the new/old admin settings I can’t see where this is controlled. Can you assist?


Steve V
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