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Hi. I have been struggling whole day to understand the classes in the particle ONEPAGE menu.
I know this is not really an issue with the template but hopefully you can give me a pointer so i can maybe manage to resolve it myself during the next 8 hours :)

I have made a Onepage menu to the left.

I have made a class on each menu element (.aboutus .history .results .hpp)

then i have added a CSS code like:

.aboutus {
background-image: url(/images/icons/partners-blue.png);
background-size: 32px;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position-y: center;

For now i have used the same image on all but they should be different

Now the issue:
How to i get to show the images when hovered and active?

I have tried all kind of variation of :hover and :active

I see there is a class like: .g-onepage-menu ul > a
but if i put it there all active element will have the same icon

So i have tried to combine .g-onepage-menu ul > a and the class .about us in more ways than possible

Is there a way or is it a lost cause without having to write pages of codes?

I cant use the build in icons as customer want hover and circle around the icon.
I have the icon both in blue and white so i just need to figure out the CSS code to use

In advance thanks alot!

Kind Regards
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