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I have a custom html (maintop-a) particle that displays perfectly on my home page, however, on other pages, it gets hidden behind the logo in the header section. The header section has a sticky attribute and the maintop section has both "center" and nopaddingall attributes. Trying to figure out how to (1), stop the module in maintop-a from being pushed behind the logo and (2) Increase the padding so that the text in the module is not cut off when displayed on pages other than the home page.

Attachment 1: Home Page View (Perfect)

Attachment 2: What it looks like on other pages (stuck behind header and logo)

Attachment 3: If I remove the nopaddingall attribute from maintop, the module displays, but the text in the module get's cut off.

Looking for a suggestion to resolve this issue without adding unnecessary padding on pages other than the home page.

On another note: Love love love this template!!!!! :)
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