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Hello, I would like ask you for helping. I am working on paradise template with gantry 5 and falang for muntilanguage. Till now was everything okk, but at the moment I am out of ideas about finding a solution.

My issue:
I am working on translation a menu from ENG to SK (slovak). e.g. MAIN MENU - there are more menu and one particle (SEARCH). After translation in FALANG is SEARCH particle on the first place from left and NO on the native position in right. I am really do not know how fix it. Then I switch the language to ENG back, Search is in original position on right side (check the picture, please).

TOP MENU the same:
I translate the top menu in right side - about us, contact us and photo gallery. After translation the FALANG module is the first from left and it is not on original position in right how it is in ENG version.

Then I switching the languages and I choose the ENG, falang language module is in left side. Then I switch the SK (slovak) Falang is in right side.

I tried translate other languages and it is the same issue.

Please help me.

Thak you.
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