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Fixed header problem


I have 2 questions regarding a website using Solidres component with Paradise template.
Due to a JS conflict, this component couldn't be used : no payment generated with Stripe.
The Solidres team investigated in website's administration and FTP.
They finally found that the file "/templates/it_paradise/js/jui/jquery.min.js" was the origin of the js conflict and it should be renamed, which I did.
This action solded the js conflict and the component is working fine.

Here's my questions :
<> could renaming "/templates/it_paradise/js/jui/jquery.min.js" generate problems elsewhere?
AND (really sorry for this second question)
<> after Solidres team action the fixed header no longer works. I tried to get back to the original name of "jquery.min.js" but apparently it didn't have any effect on fixed header problem.
I asked Solidres to revert their actions but with no efficiency.
That's the reason why I'm sorry to ask you to have a look.

I have reinstalled Paradise, but no success.

Many thanks in advance for your help. I enclose website credentials.

Best regards.
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