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Hi Ivo

I hope there will not be too many questions following this one, my site is almost finished ;)

I would like to have a certain style for the results of the search and login pages. So I have set up a dedicated menu and template outline for the search result and login pages .

First Search result:
Everything works perfectly for the initial search. The modal search in the menu directs the users to my search page. So far so good. But on the search page another search module is automatically displayed. If I search from this module, the result is displayed in the Milano "default" outline. Can I force this module (or whatever it is) to use my search outline for its result?

Login Module:
Login module is almost the same, I can define a special login menu and outline, but certain pages like your-profile/profile use the Milano default outline.

Maybe if you have got a solution for the search page problem, I can adopt it to my login problem. It seems to be caused by the same Joomla mechanism ;)

Thank you very much

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