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Gantry 5 Custom HTML

We have 2 Menu Entries with Gantry 5 Custom HTML Code.
The coder used is an HCI which until recently worked without problems. For a couple of days, only the text is displayed, but the right content is no longer available.
The code / script invites real estate offers from a real estate portal
Can anyone here help me find the cause and fix it?

Thank you very much

This would be one of the code / scripts for sale deals

<div data-embedded-src = "http://1074.hci-is24.ch/public/hci/list?cfg=f396b835" class = "embedded-content-area"> </ div>
<a href="https://www.immoscout24.ch" target="_blank"> Provided by ImmoScout24 </a>
<script src = "http://1074.hci-is24.ch/Themes/HCIDefault/js/embedded-content-loader.js"> </ script>
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