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something strange happens to me. I have to remove the Yandex script for the GDPR from different sites, but this script has disappeared. I tried to change browser from Chrome to Firefox, and the code appeared in the After field on all websites, less than in one.

I continued on this, and I note that with Chrome, even if the After field is active, I can not enter any characters, only with Firefox. So, with Firefox I inserted the Yandex script (the one I was trying to remove) to see if it could disappear. The result is that it only appears with Firefox, not with Chrome (see screenshot).

The fact is that Yandex is still loaded in the frontend, it seems that the first script has been digested inside Gantry :)

What verification can I do? Maybe on the database? In addition to clearing the browser cache I repeated the test with a different computer and observe the same phenomenon: I can see the script only with Firefox

Kind Regards
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