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Hello Ivo,

I have a very weird issue with the "main feature" particle (hero section on the front page).

If the Left & Right Tag Attributes are set for the particle, like they are in the default template settings, they are not removed on my site when the site is viewed on a mobile device like they are with the default settings of the Startup template. This causes the site to appear as if it has no text until you begin to scroll.
You can see what I mean by visiting the site at

If you inspect the site while using the "Responsive Design Mode" set to Mobile and in g-main-feature g-grid g-block, you'll see the "style" attribute added when it should not show up at all. The properties for the text to slide in from the left are there then they disappear leaving only style="visibility: visible;" after it has finished loading.

When using the responsive design mode the text will load but when viewing it on a physical mobile device the text does not load until you begin to scroll.

Any ideas and help as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.


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