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Donna Rush
Donna Rush
I installed the Hotspot Particle and for the most part it works, except for the hotspots themselves.
They sit below the right hand picture even though I made sure to define their position in % inside the particle.
Also, the hotspots still display the UL disk next to them, telling me that at the very least some CSS is missing (I fixed that for the moment with a custom rule but I took a screenshot before).
The page is at but since we are working on the site, it's likely something may change in the next few hours.
"UIkit for Gantry5" is loaded and activated. I tried it in both the footer and the head, no change.
Otherwise, everything else seems to work OK.

I'll add site specific access if necessary. It's likely something stupid anyone can take a look and tell me what to do. Thank you.
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