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I have a site that will end up with banner pages on every page. The pages have the header and menu on top of the banners. For most of the pages, the header content and menu text are black. For a few pages with dark banners, I am using a white header content and menu text. The menu in use is the menu particle.

The Construction template menu style has an animated underline that appears under the top level menu title. This is black. An underline also stays for Active menu items under that top menu item.

This is fine for the pages that use black the black menu. However, the line is black for the white menu, which looks odd.

I figure there are two possible solutions.

1. I could change the animated underline to white for the menu items that need.

2. I could remove the underline completely.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to implement either of these. I assume this is Javascript, but I don't know where this code would be, and what would happen if I edit it and you update the template.

I appreciate any help you can provide.
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