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How to get the mobile menu working?

I did watch the video about the offcampus toggle, but I have not figured out how to get the mobile menu working for the Lawyer template on Joomla 4.
In the Default outline, there is the main menu. I have checked the box, "MobileTarget". "Mobile Menu" is in the off-campus section.
What does it mean that a menu must be present? Do I need to put another menu into the offcampus section, or in a module position there or what?

In the video, there is a field for breakpoint in the offcampus toggle, but I do not have that field in my offcampus toggle.

Additionally, if the menu items are light colored against a dark background, it looks like the hamburger toggle is invisible. Is there an easy way to have it the same color as the text in the menu?

Thanks for any assistance. If you have already written this up, I did not find it. Surely people have already figured this out!
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