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Image Features - Vertical Align Text

HI Ivo,

I read your explanation about how to vertical align text on the Video Feature and I read through this page:
Still I am not succeeding to vertically align the text in the Image Features Particle.

Site: (Connection & Empowerment and Flexible Accommodation text on the homepage)
Modules: HP Box 2 - Flexible Accommodation - Desktop (#277) and HP Box 1 - Connection & Empowerment - Desktop (#278)

I tried to put this into the description text between these div tags:

<div class="uk-flex uk-flex-middle"> </div>

And I tried to put uk-flex and uk-flex-middle into the css classes fields.
Any ideas for me?
If not, I thought to just make the images shorter. ;)

BTW, we LOVE your newest template and can't wait to use it soon! You continue to impress us with each new one.

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