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I'm using the Content Pro particle in one of my menus that's nested off the main navigation. Unexpected and inconsistent behavior ensues when trying to use the menu on desktop and high resolution tablets. You will click on the main menu item, then click the corresponding menu heading and get to the nested menu item that contains the Content Pro particle. 70% to 80% of the time it works complete as it should. You click into the arrow on to get to the nested menu item and the particle shows up perfectly fine. Around 20% of the time, the menu item just fades back as if it wasn't engaged and you need to repeat the process a few times for the menu item to show up correctly.

Only happens with the nested menu items I have that utilize the Content Pro particle.

Wondering if there is any sort of workaround to this.

Site is not live and requires a hostfile edit or manual DNS change to access but I can provide it if needed.
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