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Hi Ivo and Jordan,

This is one of those happy days on which one can discover a brand new Inspiretheme template: Headlines :D
I can't wait to start doing so and find out all the new particles and features. My first impression is: wow! :)

I was about to start a new project, for a hairdresser. I had been waiting for the new template to be born, because it might be a template that fits this goal ;) Headlines is a different kind of template so right now I am considering to choose Monday.

As you are more focused on the design of templates based on Gantry 5 I wondered... is it wise to start a project based on a Helix 3 template? Right now, I really appreciate the Gantry 5 framework and I would prefer using that. But, Monday has the right 'looks'.
Will the Helix 3 templates keep your attention in the, let's say, couple of years to come?

Thanks very much for your great job which made my day, again!

With kind regards,
Stefan van Delft
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