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Joomla Content Pro Title Heading as H4

I noticed that the Joomla Content Pro particle is setting the article title (g-content-pro-title) to an H4. Is there a way to program it so that we can set the heading level we want it to be? This actual breaks proper etiquette for HTML as far as the way headers should work.

I have a page where it goes:

page header - H1
content pro title - H4
Internal header in article - H3

I'd like to make the title to be an H2 in this instance. In other instances, it maybe should be something else.

Right now, I don't have a way to change that without changing the actual particle.

Would there be a way to modify the particle to add a dropdown with the H header settings available to choose what the title should be?

I might be using this particle in a way it isn't intended.

You can see the page I am working on here:
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