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Steve Vyse
Steve Vyse

I have an older site running Galaxy on which I have found styling issues today - basically the fonts are not using those from Galaxy but seem to be defaulting rather than using proper san serif font. It seemed to be OK yesterday so perhaps the CSS recompiled overnight and caused the issue?

This is a live site and due to some essential but older custom code I can't upgrade PHP beyond 7.2 (After finally getting a budget to carry out upgrades I am currently working on getting this updated but this won't be ready for months).

It was running on PHP 7.1 but due to another issue it had to go to PHP 7.2 to get anything working.

Gantry has been updated and I've tried emptying the cache etc.

Initially the problem was really bad on mobile, so as a very temporary fix I invoked the Component 'JCH Optimize Pro' which did help with the mobile issue but nothing else. You may want to turn this off.

Can you take a look and see if you can spot why the CSS isn't working properly?

Be careful - this is an elderly live site and I'm terrified at breaking it completely! When you login the Joomla admin control panel styles are broken - I am living with this issue for the time being, but when you select an item such as Content/articles you can then get access to the normal Joomla top menu and so navigate to the Extensions/Templates/Styles.


Steve Vyse
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