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Hi Ivo

Sorry, its me again with a strange problem. I am still working on the multi language problem. I fixed all pages and menus according to the Gantry Manual and the video you recommended. In the Joomla multilanguage check there were no errors or warnings. But the &.active still did not work.

So I deleted the whole installation and started from scratch with the Milano Quickstart package without multiple languages. Everything worked perfectly until I started customizing the menus and submenus according to your instructions/code in the video you recommended. Customization of the submenus works perfectly on all pages. Customization of the main menu works only on the Home Page but not on the other pages like "Sliders", "Pages" etc. Strangely, the main menu customization appears on the other pages for a fraction of a second and is then, seemingly, overwritten by the Milano default. So I add an !Important flag to the colors and everything works fine on all pages. But why is that necessary? You did not need it in your code.

Any idea? I don't want do do anything wrong before I start with Multi Language again. You can just point me in the right direction, no need to make a nice video ;)

Many thanks!!!!

In case you need access to the site, you find the info under site details.

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