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Menu and logo centered display problem !!

Hi guys,

I've made some change on my website menu to have a client display choice : menu centered with logo in the center of the menu

Here the website :

To do it, i simply add a logo menu item in menu, by the template menu in gantry directly. i Add it by adding logo particle in the menu.

I'v made some little css change and all is ok for me, client is happy.

But my problem : i have a "sticky" menu which become fixed at top when scrolling. I put an other version of the logo (small version) to display when header is fixed as we do when the standard logo in on the left side.

And now, i have a display problem when scrolling : the logo is not aligned with the other menu items and cause bag display: please look at the website its quite evident.

Try to find solution but i don't find, looks like size of the element is bad... can you help me please, just want the logo be in the menu, not beside and the menu bar not be so hight in height.

Thanks for help
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