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Hi Ivo
although the support forum is a treasure of information on How-Tos I have not found an answer to my current problem. It is a problem in Mobile view only.
I have placed the language switcher module in the header section as you explained in your video. It looks perfect and is perfectly aligned. When I switch languages, the language-switcher suddenly moves down (I think 28 pixels). When I refresh the page, the position is perfectly aligned again. As far as I could find out the height of the top "div.g-block size-20" changes from around 42 to 70 pixel. On refresh it's 42 again. I don't know why and if there is a reason for this behavior. Is there a way to keep it fixed at 42 or does this disrupt another Template functionality?
If you need access to the site, the access data I sent last time are still valid.
Thanks a lot
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