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Using Royalty template. I modified a duplicate layout (layout name: membership) by first removing a Module Position from the Features Section, taking it from 4 module positions to 3. Then I added an additional row with 3 Module Positions in the new row. That all worked fine. Added another row of 3 Module Positions, and they would now show up on the front-end. I tried renaming the Modules Key, and that did not help. In fact I have a real mess now. Instead of 3 modules across and 3 rows that is setup in the layout, it shows on the front end, 4 modules across in two rows and one module doesn't show at all ( I have 9 modules in total).
Originally I also took that section (Features) and changed the layout setting from Fullwidth(Flushed Content) to FullWidth(boxed content). That worked fine. I decided to use a new section and see if I could get out of this mess. I took the section SubFeature and did the same thing I did with the Feature Section, changing the setting from flushed content to boxed content. It did not take on the front end, and i had the same problem with 4 modules showing up in a row even though there are only 3 modules in the layout setup.

Because I tried several different key names, I now have a mess with all the position names available and not a clue how to clean it up.
Can you take a look and see what might be going on here?

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