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Hi, I want to insure that JCE Editor is using the generated css files for this template in the editor view. My clients want to manage/edit articles and this makes it much easier for them, to have these styles used in the editor view. I do this in JCE Global Config.

I see that currently your css file is called templates/it_lawyer/custom/css-compiled/lawyer-joomla_10.css ... though across the pages, the _10 is sometimes _9. My question is, how often does the name of this file change? Will it ever be, for example, /lawyer-joomla_11.css ? If so, how/when is that generated? My goal is to have the same files used over time, whatever the name is currently...or at least know what triggers the file name change.

Currently, I have JCE editor global config to use these css files for editor content styling and Styles list options:

and am getting a nice display of content, quite similar to the web page, in JCE Editor.
Thank you. Vicky
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