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Oxygen : Gantry Menu Permission Issue

Hi Guys...

I have encountered a weird situation in the Oxygen template which I've never seen before and don't know where to begin to correct it.

I also realize this may be beyond the scope of your basic support here. I thought I would ask anyway in case you may have seen this before and perhaps there is a simple solution that I'm not seeing.

The basic problem is that when logged in as admin in the backend and attempting to edit the main "MENU" in the Gantry menu editor.. I see the following alert:

"You are not allowed to edit this menu. Please make sure you have permissions to edit this menu and that no menu items or assigned modules have been checked out by someone else."

(see attached)

When I check, there is nothing checked out and I don't see any permission restrictions for "super admin".

Also, if I open any of the menu items to edit... the "SAVE" button is missing and I can only "CANCEL".... (see attached)

If anything stands out or you find a clue.. I would appreciate it greatly if you point me in the right direction.

Thank You in advance.
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