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Problem not displaying new modules on a page

Simon Slee
Simon Slee
Hello, I have a fully working site using Galaxy with many of your particles, and now when I try to show modules on a page from the menu they will not display, you just see a white screen.

From the main menu, under Bricks/Brick Colours you will see multiple pages for different ranges of bricks, and the problem is creating a new one (called Long Format Bricks) that will display modules on that page. At the moment Long Format Bricks just links to a page and has text 'coming soon'. I cannot get any modules to display on this page.

If you look at other examples that work in that menu section (e.g. AUSBrick Range) you should be able to see the goal. Each menu simply links to a page, and that page then contains a module (Inspire theme gantry ones) that displays bricks as images in a grid.

I have tried:
- Creating a new menu item, creating a page, and linking to an existing module...module doesn't display (but text does)
- Creating a new menu time, copying another brick colours existing page and linking to that...modules don't display
- Copying an entire menu level brick colours item...modules still don’t display

If you are able to get the Long Format Bricks page to display a module (even if you just copy another module and rename it) I can fix up the
content later.

I'm sure I'm missing something really simple but I just can’t figure it out.

Thanks, Simon
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