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Problem with cart particle

Hi Ivo, hope you're well in this crazy times of Covid!
I have a problem with the cart particle of this website
No items are added to the cart, even if I checked everything is properly configure (j2store cart in cart position, j2store currency in currency position, No cache enabled in all the website)
The funny thing is that in this website everything is working properly with the same settings. The only difference is that in the problem website the "shop" is an internal link available in main menu and using the delight template.
I also doubled.checked the j2store settings for the problem site and they are exactly the same of the second site
Both the websites are updated to the latest version of Joomla, Gantry5 and J2store.
Really I don't know what else I could try :(
All the relevant details in the private tab.
Thank for your help!
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