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Elias Pap
Elias Pap
Please allow me to ask two questions about responsive menus in headlines.
-This is NOT a problem, however I can't solve it, so I would like your help -
Also note that site is "under construction". I am building it at the moment...
You will notice that I use two menus:
a. The one with "webtv", "radio" etc and
b. The one with the greek menu. This is also the mobile menu.

1. How can I add the first menu to mobile menu? I mean, when I use the mobile menu toggler (small resolutions), only the greek menu is displaying. The other one "stays out"....How I can add it to mobile menu?
2. Also In small resolutions (mobile), you will notice that the page is "moving down". The header seems without background. I am sure that this is a wrong setting from me but I can't find it. You will understand better what I am trying to say if you look at the attached screenshot.
After the "hero slider" comes the top news particle. How can I always show the category in the two right articles? It's only visible on hover...I would like to have them as the first article (always visible)

That's all.
Sorry for such a big message.
And Sorry for my poor english.
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