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slider with modal slide

Hi, i know this is out of the scope of tyhe support but i wondered what might is the issue here. We are working on royalty template and we want to acheive a slider with every slider open in a modal window with navigastions from previous and next sliders. We have accomplished in localhost with construction template with the below code
<div class="uk-slidenav-position" data-uk-slideshow>
<ul class="uk-slideshow">
<li><a href="gantry-media://kinisio.jpg" data-uk-lightbox="{group:'my-group'}" title=""><img src="gantry-media://kinisio.jpg" alt="1" class="uk-slidenav-position"></a></li>
<li><a href="gantry-media://therapeutikhAskish.jpg" data-uk-lightbox="{group:'my-group'}" title=""><img src="gantry-media://therapeutikhAskish.jpg" alt="2"></a></li>
<a href="/" class="uk-slidenav uk-slidenav-contrast uk-slidenav-previous" data-uk-slideshow-item="previous"></a>
<a href="/" class="uk-slidenav uk-slidenav-contrast uk-slidenav-next" data-uk-slideshow-item="next"></a>

Now when we insert the code in roylty templete slider is visaible but whe nwe click on the pop up gives a 200x200 white window and never loads the images.
Have you any idea why it5 is working on construction and not in roylaty?
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