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Slideshow will not display on home page

Your link on a previous question about this problem did not apply or help, so I am asking the question again, with more details.

On the Lawyer template, try as I might I have not been able to get the slideshow particle to display on the home page. I know the template example is set up with Unite RevolutionSlider 2, but this plugin will not display on an iPhone 11 Pro, so I uninstalled it and switched to Gantry 5 particle Slideshow. It works on every other page, but not the home page.
As a test, I installed a clean version of the Lawyer template, built a gantry slideshow for the home page, and it worked until I unpublished several modules. Then it stopped working. I republished those modules, but the slideshow still would not display. I set the arrows to display always visible and you will see they do, but in the navigation section.
In trying to track this down, I came across another mystery. In testing, I created 3 new test images for the slider, dragged them in through the slideshow image section. They again would show up on all pages but the home page, but the curious thing is, when I looked for those images in the folder I dropped them in (/DEMO) through the host file manager, they do not exist. So I created a new folder using the file manager, put the 3 test images in (using file manager), went back to the slideshow particle and selected them to use, hoping that may be the problem, but it still does not work on the home page, but yes, on the other pages.
I’m lost here as what to do next.
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