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Some articles cannot edit on frontend

Hi Ivo,
I do see this question has been asked many times (even by me) and I've been viewing all the suggested links, but I cannot find the answer to this issue yet.
I am using Lawyer template. Two assigned styles of Lawyer theme, one is set to default, the other is assigned to a few pages. In article settings, Show Title and Show Icons is ON as default setting and applied to all articles.

All pages show edit icons for articles on front-end when Beez set as default. However, when is displayed, it does show the edit icon (article is Prevent Violence NC Theory of Change ). It is assigned to the second Lawyer theme.

The only difference between the two lawyer themes is that I removed one module position (feature position) in the second theme. I can't see that I set anything else different for this second theme.

These articles show no edit icon for articles on front end:
They are assigned to default Lawyer theme. As I said, when I change the default theme to beez, the edit icon appears for these articles.

Right now, this site is under dev so is offline. I will give you credentials to see the site in site details section. Please assist. Thank you, Vicky
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