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SPAM by php mail server Joomla

Hello Ivo,

For some time now, I have received a lot of SPAM on the e-mail address used in the configuration of Joomla.
At the beginning, I used a simple php mail and I received spam which, fortunately goes in the spam folder of my mailbox. What bothered me the most was that I got it every minute :(
So I decided to use the SMTP server instead of php with username and password.
I contacted my host to see if there is anything wrong with them. They told me that everything is ok on their side.
And they took the opportunity to regenerate the SPF for the e-mail server.

Only here, despite all that, I continue to receive these spam. And there I don't understand.
It is very likely, that the hacker, or the robots pass by php to use the server.
I am using RSForm for my form, but it seems to me that the problem does not come from there. Because by temporarily disabling the form, I continue to receive spam.

I only have your help left to find a solution.
But I will understand if it comes out of your investigation.

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards,
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