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Sticky menu only when scrolling up


I have a few problems on the "Construction" template and it has to do with the sticky menu
I want it to be sticky only when scrolling up.

In the header in Basic Outline --> Layout --> header from start i had:
data-uk-sticky {top:-700, animation: 'uk-animation-slide-top', media: 768}

But that is for sticky all the time
I removed it to try some other options in the Uikit instructions here:

But could not find out howto so i wanted to put the original sticky menu back but it does not save it

Could you advice what I should do to get the menu sticking only when scrolling up

I have added a different main menu for desktop (JUX mega menu) and your build in menu for mobile, however the setting should be applied on the whole header element so i guess it should not matter.

Hope you can help

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