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Hi Ivo

For some time I have been meaning to ask these questions.

Question 1:
When using the Joomla particles like Content Pro, is there any way we could choose articles by Tags instead of only category. This was something available in Roksprocket for some time but RochetTheme has told they will not be supporting Roksprocket going forward with the introduction of Joomla 4?

Another Question:
I usually try and search the forum before posting a question and sometimes come across some interesting post. However then I cant find it again when I want it. Is there a way I could somehow add this post to my favorites? or something like that?

Last Question (for now):
I love the animation effects you have added to some of the particles but I'm not very good at doing these myself. Would it be possible to create a Blog Post or have a page on the website where you could do up some samples for us that are not as talented as you?

Many Thanks
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